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Coffee Subscription - Costa Rica - Cold Brew
Coffee Subscription - Costa Rica - Cold Brew
Coffee Subscription - Costa Rica - Cold Brew

Coffee Subscription - Costa Rica - Cold Brew

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Our Cold Brew Coffee is a delicious low acid coffee with delightful notes of blueberry and honey with a light floral aroma. It will help you to stay energized, focused and hydrated while also recovering from the physical and mental challenges of your day.

Our cold brew does not go through pasteurization, but is nitro infused which will keep your coffee fresh for two weeks or longer.  However, we believe the taste is optimal within the first 7 days.

Please keep refrigerated.

Caffeine Content: Our Cold Brew Coffee typically contains 100 mg caffeine per 4 oz. This is similar to the amount found in a standard cup of hot coffee.

Coffee Benefits: Known as a super-food, coffee is very high in antioxidants, which help support your immune system, improve circulation, protect you from cancer & heart disease and reduce systemic inflammation. In addition to the obvious boost of energy from caffeine, coffee is believed to: boost your metabolism, lower risk of depression, offer protection from Type 2 Diabetes, lessen risk of liver damage & lower risk of developing Parkinson’s Disease. 

Sustainability: Subscription customers are encouraged to leave their bottles in their cooler the night before their delivery. One time customers, please re-use or recycle the beautiful amber brown glass bottles.

The Process: We begin by sourcing our coffee from an organic single estate in San Pablo de Leon Cortes, Costa Rica in the highly desirable Tarrazu region. The beans are steeped for nearly a week in alkaline water, using a proprietary process before filtering it multiple times. The combination of the alkaline water and naturally low-acid coffee beans creates a beverage that is hydrating, rather than the dehydrating effects of most commercial coffees. It is then hand bottled using nitrogen infusion, which provides a creamy smooth drinking experience. The result is a delicious coffee with delightful notes of blueberry, and honey with a light floral aroma. 

To read more about the source of our Costa Rican Beans please click here. 

Cold Brew is our flagship product. Tony traveled to more than 30 countries in the pursuit of a swimming career, and found something much more meaningful along the way - the amazing tastes from different beans, roasts and brews. For six years he studied, sipped and learned to roast and brew with various techniques. He refined the process to create the perfect, residue-free cold brew coffee that is conveniently ready when you are. Since that first batch of Cold Brew sold in 2018, we have grown and further refined the process. This includes retaining the talent of our Master Brewer Chris. Chris has brought his own proprietary practices to our cold brew and continues to develop and perfect our roasts and brews according to the will of the beans. We believe in bringing out the best in the bean. We never add dyes or harmful chemicals to create unnatural flavor profiles. The result is all natural and all delicious.

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